Thursday, August 24, 2006

Warning - Rant imminent

Seen all those cutesy adverts for Post Office HomePhone? Seen the leaflets promising cheaper line rental and 24 hour customer service? Thinking of changing your telephone provider to them?

Don't Bother.

I haven't been a customer of theirs for a full quarter yet, and I will be changing providers in the immediate future.

24 hour customer service? Indeed, but with very few staff in place, otherwise I would not have been 'queued' for approximately twenty-five minutes. Did I phone at a core time ? I didn't think that 9.20 p.m. would be an overwhelmingly popular time to phone Customer Services. Plus, every other time I have phoned this line, I have never had to wait less than five minutes. Maybe the staff just have abysmal call-handing skills and times... Well, all the agents I have spoken to have tried to get me off the phone instantly, using such techniques as speed-talking. That doesn't faze me, I just ask them to repeat everything, reduce the speed of my speech, waffle and repeat myself. I wouldn't do that if I were dealt with in a helpful or accommodating manner.

The agent I've just been speaking with claimed that she was taking down all the details of my complaint. I doubt it. There weren't nearly enough keystrokes coming over the line. At least 'Patricia' wasn't patronising, unlike 'James' several weeks ago.

I am shaking all over. Those twenty-five minutes were spent in a public phone box, thus aggravating my agoraphobia and my fibromyalgia. Standing for that length causes tremors and spasms in my legs, spreading to my back and then up to my neck. The prolonged anxiety, caused by location and by my purpose, is about to culminate in an anxiety attack. I feel it coming on and I'm trying to stop it but really I'm only slowing it down. If I'm lucky Dave will be home before it hits me. I would phone him to come home NOW but my phone ISN'T WORKING.

Anyway, the agent claimed I would hear back about my complaint within ten days either by letter or telephone call. I didn't believe her because I've told before I would be receiving a phone call, such as to tell me when my phone would be fixed, and no calls were forthcoming.

Customer Service don't answer their emails either.

I think it may be time to bypass Customer Support altogether. How long should I give them to get in touch with me regarding my complaint and compensation claim? I'm thinking a week.


nanatoo said...

*gnashes teeth* I typed a lot of moaning but I've deleted it. We have so much choice these days and none of it's any good. A week would be ample I think. I'm not optimistic. You have my sympathies.

Seahorse said...

That absolutely stinks! I think a week is being generous. I hope you're feeling a bit better today.

Lindsey said...

I'm fine today, just feeling tired and a bit more jumpy than usual.

dreamcatcher said...

Glad you're feeling OK, what the phone company are doing is completely unacceptable. Useless b******s! Cheaper phone calls shouldn't mean crappy customer service. Hope it is sorted soon, and you can switch back too.