Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another week gone

Firstly, Dave returned from Belfast in fine fettle, with a new bag. I was glad to learn that the old bag would no longer be polluting my living space with it's hideous puke yellow/greeness. I hated that colour.

I've mislaid my battery charger and I learned from experience that ordinary batteries just don't hack it in my camera. I am just too tired to search.

Hence, no pictures of the ladybird earrings or the bookmark I made last week.

Currently I'm forcing myself to finish off items which are practically completed but require sewing together, buttons or embroidery. I'm such a process knitter, the end product is simply a happy coincidence, and once the best bit (i.e. the knitting) is done, I often lose interest. Which is why I make hats in the round, of course!

I had intended whinging a bit because there hadn't been any post, such as the memory wire rings I bought on Ebay but the postman was just running late. It's rare for him to arrive after 10 so I guess more of my neighbours had post than usual. Anyway, I now have memory wire in the form of two bracelets and ten rings. I'm going to try expanding my mucking round with beads habit into producing items I can wear. After all, having a cool new bead shop actually within my safe zone is probably going to result in more beads sneaking into my stash.

Currently I'm a little perplexed, though that may be the result of sleep deprivation. The point of memory wire is that you can muck around with it and it returns to it's initial shape, yes? But the rings are too small for my fingers and surely if I try altering to fit me, they'll just go back to their original size? I'm missing something obvious, of course. I bought a bead book last week, which may enlighten me on this matter. I'm probably just being a numpty.

In the last ten days I've had two nights and one afternoon of decent sleep. As soon as I get one problem sorted, another one crops up. There's not much I can do about the sleep though. My medication pretty much prohibits any tabs to promote sleep, unless I want to be a complete zombie. Caffeine intake has been nil for the last week. In fact one great night's sleep happened after caffeine. This is just something which happens to me and I simply have to bear up until it passes. It makes pattern following difficult but I need something with an exciting pattern to keep me interested through the fog.

My whole life is one Catch-22 after another. Or even, side by side.

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nanatoo said...

Dave's back! Didn't know he'd gone :) Glad he's safe and sound at home with you again. I'm really sorry you're having such a poo time health-wise/lack of sleep-wise :(