Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some catching up

I've not been blogging much recently even though some fairly amusing things have happened. I still remember some of them so here's a first installment.

My family have always had terrible luck in raffles. We rarely win anything and it's usually rubbish. However, my mum now wins sackfuls of prizes, quite often prizes she donated in the first place. Yup, it seems if my mum is somehow involved in the raffle organisation (i.e. a member of the group running it), she wins prizes. If it's a 'star prize' she hands it back to be drawn again, because that's just the kind of person she is.

Recently the craft group had two raffles and I won one of the prizes. Much to Dave's immediate relief, it wasn't the large English sheepdog toy but then he found out what I had won (which was one of the 'good' prizes.

I won an electric carving knife. Coolness, as far as I'm concerned. I like kitchen gadgets. For those who've ever lived with me, SCARY BISCUITS. For some reason, past and present flatmates regard me as a dangerous person with knives. I don't understand, I've never sliced any of them open. In fact, it's several years since I've accidentally drawn my own blood while cooking. I mean, I haven't even had a baking burn for about four or five years, and they were pretty much a monthly occurrence.

Okay, I've done very little baking during that time so maybe that's why no burns but I have regularly been using the oven. Mainly for frozen pizzas, but there are still plenty of opportunities for a clumsy person like myself to get burnt taking pizza out of the oven.

I haven't used the electric carving knife yet. I haven't had a reason. You know, it can cut up frozen food (while it's still frozen!). I'm sure that there has been more than one occasion when I have urgently needed to cut up something frozen - I just couldn't name any other than wanting to get unsliced bread to thaw faster.

Maybe I should freeze something just so I can cut it up with my electric carving knife. Any (sensible) suggestions?

And despite yesterday's assurances, my phone didn't resume normal service today. There may be more phone related ranting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hrm... phone problems + electric carving knife = solution to said problems?

Tempting, no?


Lindsey said...

You are so naughty!

nanatoo said...

I don't like gadgets at all. I'm a Luddite (says she on the laptop to which she is chained!)

Doctor Sordid said...

In the name of sanity, Lindsey, please throw the carving knife away. Or better still, get someone else to throw it away for you! Step away from the electric-powered mutilating machine...

Lindsey said...

I knew you'd say that! Would you like the carving knife, Herr Doktor?

Mary-Lou said...

I like the first suggestion a lot, but think you might be better off with a loaf of bread!