Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not dead, only resting

I've been a bit poorly for the last couple of weeks. I gave in today and made an appointment with the doctor. When the illness start to interfere with the knitting, well, it's just got to go.

For a start, I had my new printer for a whole week before I set it up and I haven't actually done any knitting since last Monday. I did some crocheting at the weekend, but it shouldn't really count as it was only a couple of dice bags.

I did make three pincushions on Sunday - more glue than sewing.

I actually went for 56 hours without touching the PC, never mind arsing around on the web.

And the Bead Shop opened on Saturday, and I managed a visit, leading to some more stitchmarkers. Perhaps I should get the hang of making other items from beads? Though I have found that having an over-abundence of stitch & row markers means I find uses for them. In fact, last weekend I discovered that I needed more row markers than I had, which is amazing as I didn't think I needed any at all. Apparently, marking out regular intervals on an edge does make it much easier to pick the correct number of stitches. I mean, I read that it did, but all that fussing with pins seemed too dangerous and I could manage alright without too much preparation. However, having all these little clip-ons handy just worked out perfectly.

Yesterday I was so fed up I went on a little outing. I didn't buy any yarn but did get some Batman fabric so Dave is one step closer to getting his Batman cushion. Do you know? I can't remember how long it is since I last bought yarn? Maybe a month, maybe more. Perhaps I should check back in my blog. I've been buying beads instead. They're much smaller and I haven't filled my designated bead storage space yet.

Don't not worry though, my stash has still managed to increase. I have been given yarn - woo hoo!!

I'll try and manage some pictures tomorrow.


nanatoo said...

Good idea. I do use pins to mark out for picking up stitches but something clip-on-able sounds much better.

Feel better, all this not being on the pc or knitting sounds very serious indeed.

Jen said...

I hope you feel better soon!

acrylik said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.