Tuesday, August 01, 2006

First Steps towards World Domination??

Last month Dave and I joined the management group of the community centre. Last week we were confirmed as members at the AGM. Office bearers are decided amongst the management group, not by election at the AGM, and this was scheduled for today. The lady who has been the Chairperson for last couple of years said she did not want the position again. Bing! I'm nominated, I haver, I'm seconded, I accept the nomination, I'm in. Scary biscuits. Dave is now Secretary. Some easy collaboration there I hope. Even scarier biscuits? When we (the group) were being briefed on some financial matters, I understood it all, and even spotted a better way of arranging matters.

Pottering around online today, looking something up for Dave, I noticed that the college does open/flexible learning ECDL courses, which means I can do the course at home online. Hubba hubba! Plus it wouldn't cost me anything. I think I shall sign up. I could probably pass the modules pretty quickly because I have the relevant knowledge, just nothing to prove I have it. Then there are Advanced ECDL courses which look interesting but I'm not sure if I could do those at home.

Of course, what I should take a course in is digital photography. I found my alien, took pictures of it but they are all totally rubbish and don't show the alien to any advantage. Any tips

And I'm now satisfied that I don't have too much stash. I have proved it to myself. I've been looking at patterns and I haven't had the right yarn for the things I fancied starting - hence insufficient stash. So now I'm going to find patterns which fit the yarn I have. How frugal of me.


nanatoo said...

Well, good luck to you! There's no such thing as patterns for my yarn. I'm just going to get rid of it 'cos I hate it now.

I have to look up ECDL now. Congrats on beginning world domination the both of you. Please be fair and kind to us :) I like online learning, hope that works out.

Mary-Lou said...

Oooh! - I am incredibly impressed by your frugality ... ;)