Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mixed Success

Despite some snags along the way, I managed to finish the items I promised for the sale. I 'lost' the self-adhesive magnets and had to resort to plain one. I was fearful that I'd have to use the hot glue gun and it was after 10 pm by that point, and I reckoned I was too tired to be in charge of hot, spurting anything, never mind glue. Fortunately, the magnets adhered well enough with PVA. The two flower magnets were my concession to plainer tastes.

The second snag was that I mislaid the brooch backs, found them, put them in a safe place, forgot I'd found them & put them in the safe place, tidied the living room while looking for them, and then found them on the chair next to mine several hours later. What can I say? It's the sort of thing which could happen to anyone, any normal person, and not just me, so we can't blame it on my lunacy. I sewed the brooch backs on the flowers while watching a rather interesting documentary on SkyOne about prostitution. Probably a good job I'd finished making magnets by that point because who knows what I'd have been inspired to make. Rude things, no doubt.

I was signed up to man (woman?) the stall from 2 to 4 this afternoon but I popped down this morning to hand over the booty and a small landfill's worth of carrier bags. I'd also intended to help set up the goods but Liz was doing a great job, I didn't like to interrupt, I was gossiping with Jeanette & Mary (enough excuses yet?). We also met Liz's bloke for the first time. I didn't think his head was that huge so reckon Liz is just making excuses for her inability to knit her man a hat. Well, maybe he has ultra bulky hair or something :D
I also took the opportunity to a snap a pic of the plate I glass painted earlier in the week.
I feel it has a certain primitive charm, but alas no one liked it enough to buy so I might just have to buy it myself. Another 'present' for my mother, perhaps?

Despite my misgivings about the star vampire magnet, it was the first one sold, snapped up pretty much as soon as we opened for business. It was the two flower magnets which remained, unbought and unloved, until nearly the end of the day. I was rather surprised by that and concluded that I must make more oddities next time.

Moira & I packed up a bit early. The weather had been fine and warm all day but it turned a bit overcast about 2.30 and then a strong wind blew up. Our goods were firmly pinned or anchored but I was in danger of an indecent exposure charge, as my floaty skirt kept trying to fly over my head. I had to clamp it firmly between my legs and not move around, but that attracted some odd looks. I had heaped scorn on Dave for bringing his Slayer hoodie with him on such a lovely day. Fortunately, his gentlemanly instincts stopped him from gloating too much when I started to shiver and whine about being cold and he willingly lent me his extra layer.

I think my favourite bits of the day when there was a tidal surge of senior citizens from the Marryat Hall. We had a small line in front of our stall when the metal band started playing, and the ladies started bobbing to the music in a kind of demi-mosh. Later the band played a trash version of Sweet Home Alabama which is one of my favouritest songs ever. A neighbouring stallholder protested at such sacriligious treatment of a classic but, you know, it was a pretty good version, and we enjoyed our fake moshing.

We made only a small profit but I think we learned a bit more about what people will and will not buy. This is still a learning process for us - only our third sale - and it might be a while before we know what works. Apart from the ubiquitious tombola, of course, which is an instant attractor of every demographic.


little&large said...

Well I'd just like to point out that although His head may not look that big , its only because the rest of him is pretty big and once you see him try on an ordinary persons hat its mammoth proportions become apparent. Aside from big heads though, I think you saved our bacon with all those magnets - a real best seller. Wish I'd been there for Sweet Home Alabama, love those beats and would truly love to have seen that moshing in action.

acrylik said...

I love the sun plate! Anything with a smiley sun on it has to be good, it was the first stamp I ever carved.

Would have loved to have been there for the mosh - marvellous!