Friday, June 02, 2006

Almost Productive

The Craft Group has a sale table at a local event tomorrow. Last week (in my absence) they had turned out a number of glass-painted tealight holders. On Wednesday I painted a glass plate for the sale and I'll have to take a picture of it before it gets sold. What? Of course it will sell - it has a smiley sun face on it.

Anyway, on Wednesday I volunteered to make a dozen fridge magnets and a dozen flower brooches. Ambitious of me, I reckoned I could manage. I haven't reached target yet, in part due to the great knitting pattern/glitter glue disaster. Glitter glue takes an unfeasible amount of time to dry. The rest is pretty obvious I think. I was pleased because I had only managed to get small amounts of glitter glue on me while turning out quite passable results.

On Wednesday evening, I made five fridge magnets. Yes, the star does have goggly eyes on each of its points and another in the middle. Yesterday morning I made four danglies (there were more but they died in the disaster.

And last night I made six flower brooches.
Rather than a dozen, I've decided to make ten brooches & magnets, mainly because the findings are sold in packs of ten. That means I have five more magnets and four more brooches to make today. That's doable, I reckon.

I don't know why I made the danglies apart from 'I had the techonology', which is a very human reason for doing anything. I might make some more but that depends on various factors, like am I daft enough to spend time making things I didn't say I'd make rather than making the things I said I would.

And I didn't even have to get the hot glue gun out *sigh*.


nanatoo said...

They're all great. I think that 'making stuff' is just a drive, especially in some people, and there need be no reason other than 'because I can'.

dreamcatcher said...

I like the magnets and danglies, the star is particularly excellent with its goggly eyes :-)