Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just faffing

I've had a bit of a traumatic day, which I've been treating with a combination of unnecessary housework and web-wandering.

I joined Craftster a few days ago. It seemed the best way for me to not continually forget about it's existence. In my associated browsing I've seen so many things that the Craft Group would like that I'm not going to print them off. Nope. I'm going to put them on a CD (I do try to put URLs etc on the things I save) so they can browse at their leisure. Plus I have photos so why not have a CD for everything?

I started work on my quilted cat cushion panel on Sunday and it all progressed much faster than I anticipated. So far it's going according to plan - how rare! It's my amateurish take on Trapunto quilting. I tacked together the two pieces of fabric and then sewed round the cat image. It only took me the length of Young Master for the sewing. I've postponed the next stage, when I snip open a portion of the back fabric in order to stuff the cat shape, whereby it will create a 3D effect on the cushion front. The delay was partly due to me not knowing where I've put my stuffing, and partly to only being able to find two pairs of large scissors and my long nail scissors. I think my crochet scissors ended up in the cupboard after Craft Group last week. Plus I've yet to get a piece of fabric for the cushion back and I don't know what size of zip to buy, which means I shall be seeking advice on Wednesday. If I don't forget...

I arsed around a bit tonight with a piece of felt, allegedly making a monster toy. My stitching may be a bit hit and miss, sewing round a dark grey outline on black felt with black thread in artificial light. When I realised that one side of the head was deformed I chucked it in for the night. Upon consideration, it's a monster - why shouldn't one side of its head be a different shape from the other side?

Um, Dave is now pleading for PC time and as I don't have any matchsticks to keep my eyes open, I think I shall oblige him. It's goodnight from me, and goodnight from him. Goodnight!

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