Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Didn't we have a luvverly time ...

... the day we went to Broughty Ferry!?!?

It was another lovely day. I deserved a treat after yesterday so we went to Broughty (rhymes with naughty) Ferry, which has five charity shops plus the YMCA shop. There was yarn in several of them, and I didn't buy even a worthwhile fraction of it, just a cone of sparkly blue 4 ply, 250g of Phildar Anouchka in red, and 100g of Jaegar Double Spiral Pure Wool in a peacock shade. I admit, I did buy some knitting patterns & magazines but they were 20p each and have some fantastic ideas in them.

My madness reaches new depths
One of the knitting patterns was purchased simply because the picture made me smile. It is of two disgruntled children - the little boy is wearing a knitted hooded catsuit in a random, poodle yarn with a loopy brim around the hood. It is a fabulous pic, so I've framed it and now just have to decide where to hang it up. I have other 'vintage' patterns I got just because of the pictures. I've been putting them in a knitting album, a kind of pattern coffee table book, making it easier for me to inflict the photies on unsuspecting visitors. Now I'm thinking, why not frame and hang up more of them? They deserve to be seen and appreciated more often.

Dave gets excited by fabric
I showed Dave some fabric for sale on ebay last night. It was various styles of Batman fabric, and Dave is an immense Batman fan. Now he wants me to make him a Batman cushion. We went into the Sewing Station in the Ferry, and it stocks two of the Batman fabrics. Dave got very excited and seemed eager for me to buy the fabric right then and there.

This is the fabric he wants.

I know my attention is largely focussed on yarn, but the possibility of superhero fabric had never occurred to me. There's Spidey, Supes, the Marvel logo - who knew? Loads of people, obviously, but no one had ever mentioned it to me. And it doesn't come in cotton. Oh, no. You can buy large fleece panels. Blanky sized fleece panels. This will see me through several years of Dave presents. I wonder if there's a DC logo fabric? or Transformers? Do you think he'd get fed up with receiving these kinds of presents before I got fed up with making them?

Plus there are all those other fanboys I know. I just googled, and there's Star Wars fabric! OMG!! And Coca Cola !

I knew I led a sheltered life but I had never suspected anything like fanboy fabric just available to buy by the metre! I would have assumed that such stuff was only available ready made up into bedsets and pyjamas and the like.

Oh, no! Brain has been hit by creative earthquake! Most of the fabric is just ordinary cotton, right? Adult sized superhero pjs. I just need to learn dressmaking and Dave can have a Batman outfit, Jakob can have a Coke outfit, Dr Sordid can be dressed up in Superman duds. Oh my oh my!!

This is too much excitement for a poorly little penguin.


nanatoo said...

All the men of Dundee walking around in Superhero clothing, it really should happen. I suppose they'll save the outfits for wearing in bed *boggles* which is a shame. I think you're a little bit mean for making Dave wait for his cushion ;)

Framing patterns sounds fine. You'll probably start a trend.

I can't get the thought of big beardy blokes in fleece suits out of my head now :D Good luck with the dressmaking. Just the thought of sewing *shudders*

Anonymous said...

I'll help if I can. I'm still trying to work up the courage to make myself a corset and a set of footie pyjamas - not to be worn at the same time obviously.


Mary-Lou said...

Lindsey, I am laughing so much at the thought of several years worth of Dave presents, that if I don't go to the loo soon I'm go to really embarrass myself!

The framing patterns idea is a really good one, and I keep thinking I ought to do it myself, but which one to choose? - there are so many in my collection

Lindsey said...

I bought two more clip frames yesterday - just the right size for vintage patterns. I don't know which ones to use next but as the frames were a double pack from Poundland, I could always buy some more ;)

And as for Dave presents, he says he only wants a cushion, just a cushion, nothing else. It's selfishness, so it is. I already have a whole wardrobe in superhero fabric planned for him.

dreamcatcher said...

I love that superhero fabric :-D I think Dave should graciously accept any and all presents of a superhero-y fabric nature .....