Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to regular programme

I managed to get through yesterday without a panic attack. Poor mole has been sent away for testing, to find out it was a nice or nasty mole.

Now, to confess what happened on Tuesday. Even my mum sounded a bit shocked disapproving on this one.

I was in the revolving charity shop. I found yarn. I was rummaging through it, having decided that I could have a ball or two as a small treat. Then the terrible/marvellous/exciting thing happened. One of the ladies approached me and said "For the wool, it's fill a carrier bag for £1.50". So I did, resulting in twenty-two balls of yarn, mostly 50g but a few 100g.

Five balls of Sirdar Romance
Five balls of Sirdar Salsa
One ball of Sirdar Duet
One ball of Sirdar Sorrento
One ball of Sirdar Snuggly Chatterbox
One ball of Sirdar Evita
One ball of Wendy 100% Cotton
One ball of Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots
One full & one partial ball of Jarol Inca
One partial ball of Sheena Anne Bobble Top
One nearly full ball of something babyish & spotted
Two nearly full balls of something babyish, multicoloured & bobbly

I would take a picture but I'm too lazy today. Each of the Romance & Salsa balls is a different colour, but each kind co-ordinates so lovely stripy things can be made.

And Bookworld/Bargain Books/whatever it's called has also started selling yarn, not just eyelash or furry either. It has something very similar to Patons Festival, two quid per 50g ball or three balls for a fiver. No, I haven't bought any. Twenty-three balls of yarn in one week is enough even for my compulsive self.

What do you mean? Only twenty-two balls from the charity shop?!! Okay, maybe another little ball did sneak into my shopping bag but it came from Poundland and I needed it for a Craft Group session and half of it has gone already and I might donate the boa (when finished) to the group anyway for a sale, even though it's in lilac & black, which is one of my favourite colour combinations. Don't pick on me, I have a Sore Paw.

Speaking of which, the stitches come out next Friday, but nothing was said about how long I leave the dressing in place - for a whole week? I might phone the practice nurse to check, cos I'm a worrywort. There will be a little scar but at least no one will accuse me getting plastic surgery just so I can have an Action Man scar (hello Dr Sordid!!).

And Dave has gone away to Belfast for a few days, leaving me on my ownsome. Well, just me and a shipload of yarn, that is.


nanatoo said...

That's what I call a bargain! I must go and tell Rain, she'll need to see this :) Just as well D is away - you won't be up for air for a bit.

You did so well not to have a panic attack. I just almost had one just queueing in the bloody PO. Glad that's done, fingers crossed for a friendly mole.

dreamcatcher said...

Most impressive haul from said revolving charity shop!

Hope your wound settles down soon, can't be much fun at the moment. I would eats lots of ice cream if I were you :-)

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear your Tuesday was better than mine. Once we're mobile again we need to come up and do stuff(tm). And of course meet the new yarn!