Saturday, June 24, 2006


  1. I've hit a small snag in my plans for the weekend. My 'wound' starts to hurt after a while crocheting, knitting or even just mucking around on the PC. I've not tried it on housework yet, but I'm assuming the same result.
  2. I've mislaid the ball of cream fur which I was going to use on the edge of the curly whirly scarf I started while in the hospital waiting room. I've found the bag it was in, the other things which were in the bag with it, but no actual yarn. In light of (1), I shouldn't be bothered, but I AM.
  3. I wasn't going to go out today but I have two loads of laundry to do, and only enough washing tabs for one load. Going out may be dangerous.
  4. My 'wound' seems to have been bleeding during the night, judging by the state of the dressing. I don't have another dressing (or any sanitary towels or liners) so a trip to the chemist seems necessary. If I'm lucky, I won't have to pay for more dressings (community pharmacy for people with medical exemptions). If I'm really unlucky, they will tell me to phone NHS 24, who usually treat me like someone scamming for drugs.
  5. I'm woozy from lack of sleep but couldn't actually sleep any more.
  6. It's a Black Monday at Lidl this week, with Specials on things I need/want, like pliers, eyelet punch-thingies, etc. I think I can probably resist the soldering gun even though a little voice is insisting that it would a very useful thing to have around the flat.

At least I have a fridge of food which requires minimal preparation & effort. I don't even have to decide what to eat first, because that's largely dictated by the Eat Before Date. Result!! In the circumstances, I think I'm going to buy chocolate chip ice cream and some more bananas.


nanatoo said...

Hope your weekend was ok. Shame you had to go out. How's the wound?

Lindsey said...

It's free of the dressing! Hurrah!! And removing the dressing also removed most of the pain. I am such a freak of nature. I don't know what it's supposed to look like, but the wound looks healthy enough - some bruising, some redness, no oozing.