Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Now Felting at Platform Loon

As the eagle-eyed will discern, the bag still has stitch definition, and has turned out shorter but slightly wider than it was. I would like the fabric to be more felted but I don't know if I can cope with another session in the bathroom. The basin & bath looked like King Kong had been to visit. I tried to get pictures but they all turned out rubbish. Plus I'm not sure I have a smaller box over which to block the bag unless ... I could wrap a book or two in something waterproof and then block over that. And I could give the bag a few minutes in the tumble dryer before blocking, for a tad more shrinkage.

Maybe it's me that needs the Shrink-edge, to reduce the ongoing yarn madness.

The yarn was practically felting as I was knitting it, so I had assumed that very little effort would be required to actually felt the bag.

I used the pattern from Sarah's Craft Closet, a random set of fat DPNS (7mm, I think) and about 75g of Emu Fiord, some vintage Pure New Wool I picked up at the recycling centre last year for pennies. I have another three 50g balls & the part used ball left, meaning this is a repeatable project WITHOUT me having to buy any more wool. I also have a selection of vintage silver buttons (more charity shop treasure). The handle decision will wait until after I'm happy with the actual felting of the bag.

I was eyeing up wool on the Texere website last night. However, I have a fair bit of mo(le)hair* in my stash, if I can only find it. I think I'd like a hairy, stripy bag. I've got about 500g of black mo(le)hair*, the same again in lavender, and assorted 50g & 100g in purples, reds, blues, etc.

*Does it really come from moles? Do they get shaved or combed or skinned or what? This is a paraphrase of an actual conversation I had with someone. There were half a dozen witnesses. The word had always sounded like molehair to him, with his accent & my ears, it sounded like mohair when he said it, leading to a cross-purposes conversation and side-splitting hilarity. It's what? at least two years later, and Dave always asks about the poor moles when I mention mohair to the point I think I just say molehair now.


nanatoo said...

I see the new strategy is giving full rein to the lunacy? What a good idea. I always enjoy those times the most :D

Mole. Tsk. I ask you. It's 'the hair of the mo' in our house. Goes without saying.

I kept some stitch definition on mine because I didn't want to go to 'lipstick and phone' size, but thought it might be nice to carry some money in a purse too. I don't mind a bit of stitch definition. Felting by hand is too much like hard work anyway. I can't remember why you didn't use a machine (apart from the obvious joy it gave you) but will look back for a reason.

Hmm, I was thinking of fluffy and stripey, seeing as I am a punk and all. Ask Michelle ;)

Great bag and think the silver antique button will be a lovely final touch!

Lindsey said...

Ah, well, I felted by hand because my block of flats has a laundry in the basement, and that's what I use. The washing machines are so BIG - labour saving because they hold twice the amount of washing. If I was certain about colour fastness I would just bung the thing in a pillow case the next time I use the 60 degree cycle.