Friday, May 05, 2006

AAARGGGH! Scuppered Again!!

I'm being picked on, definitely. Positively. Picked on.

First a regular correspondent (you know who you are, missy) emails with ideas involving knitting machines and felting. My brain went all gooey and excited but I managed to recombobulate my thinking processes. I am not completely obsessive about New Toys (no arguing, no backchat).

And there were the two penguin patterns that arrived in the post (ta very much to Knityoga & Knittyinpink). Again, excitement but Must Stick to the Plan. The Plan is Supreme and must be obeyed.

But you know, I was so tired yesterday that I didn't want to boot my brain and somehow ended up knitting two more bags for felting and I've nearly finished a crocheted bag to felt as well. That was just while listening to Alice Cooper on Virgin and then watching telly. Don't blame me, blame my fingers, it was all their fault. I didn't do it. I just left my fingers to their own devices and they go and do all that work, contrary to the Plan, without seeking permission from the brain, which is currently punishing the fingers by refusing permission to take photos.

Anyway, I decide to play a little on the internet because... well, no real reason actually. I'm taking my weekly look at the What's New pages at Knitting Pattern Central and Crochet Pattern Central and find that people have actually had the evil audacity to put up more patterns that I want to make. Terrible, isn't it? The world is picking on me.

Firstly, the pteryldactyl from Feckless Nomenclature calls out to me. Could it, I wonder, be classed as a pram toy? I know I'd happily give it to a baby to play with, but would anyone else? Then the Felted Bubble Bag from My Eclecticmess is cute and I have this current bee about felting plus various fancy yarns I'm not sure what to do with.

I saw the Hot Pink Bracelet Purse at Knotty Generation, and thought - might be a good project for the craft group but I'd have to try it out first.

Well, the brain thinks it had better finish the crochet bag the fingers started last night and then get felting - in a washing machine this time.


nanatoo said...

Oh, how we suffer for our art. It is a conspiracy - to get us to knit, and crochet in your case, ourselves to death or at least the brink of insanity. So many patterns, so little time.

I think a pterodactyl would be fine for a babe but all mums are different I suppose. Babes like all sorts of things.

You're wise to stick to the Plan. Plans are useful. Those patterns you linked to are all great though.

Hubbo has met quite a few people in his time but the one that he enjoyed the most (well, second to Oliver Postgate) was Alice Cooper. He was such a big part of his young man-hood. Does that sound rude? Ach, well.

I think using the machine this time would be easier, albeit less entertaining for us readers :)

Desperate Mousewife said...

That pterodactyl is adorable, and I would have been thrilled to receive it when DD was a baby. Are the penguin patterns for toys, or penguins on sweaters? I love penguins, and would deffo knit a penguin if I had a pattern. Somewhere I have a pattern for a crocheted penguin. I may have lost the pattern, but the crocheted penguin lives on. V cute he is too, a couple of inches high in thread crochet, or about a foot high if you do him in DK at a guess.

beth wood-oberle said...

You are so adorable! Please try out my bubble bag pattern and let me know how it works out! I'm a sucker for all things felted.

Lindsey said...

They are patterns for penguin toys. The shocking thing is, the only penguin I've knitted so far I gave to my dad. It was Feathers McGraw in his Evil Chicken disguise. However, there will be more penguin knitting in the very near future.

little&large said...

Ho exactly does one recombobulate? It sounds very useful and I'd like to have a go...

Gorgeous woolies, I reckon you could make a tidy sum selling those. Maybe I should admit defeat now with the hat I was knitting for Large's mammoth head, after all I've been doing it for over a year!