Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today we got the Mac ready for collection by the Recycing People, and gosh! it was worth the pulled muscle in my back (though I might have done that in my sleep*). The metal computer trolley has been replaced by the wooden computer desk. The former is a more attractive & expensive piece of kit but large. The trolley protrudes 99cm from the wall, while the desk is 74cm with keyboard shelf out and a mere 44cm with the keyboard tucked away. It makes a vast difference in the living room, disproportionate to the number of centimetres involved. There is also now a huge clear corner in the second bedroom, so the metamorphsis from Wool Room to Dave Cave has been greatly facilitated.

The extra computer, trolley & cooker should be collected tomorrow. I've also found a home for the exercise bike (through Freecycle), also due for collection tomorrow. My storage cupboard will be more or less empty, meaning I can fill it with the boxes from the stair cupboard and then fill that with stuff from the Room formerly known as Wool. Fuff! No wonder I'm knackered. This decluttering thing is getting kind of addictive. I've started looking at my bookcases with a critical eye and thinking "That can go, that can go, hate that book" and so on. Perhaps I'm a reforming pack rat.

The yarn stays though. Absolutely, definitely.

*Honestly. I've pulled back muscles, twisted my knee and sprained my ankle in my sleep several times. I thrash around because of nightmares and night terrors.


nanatoo said...

I *wish* I had the energy to de-clutter. Just reading your post is making me happy. I think you should definitely carry on with it, it's great for your head and therefore your physical health, to do this.

In my head I'm a minimalist, but I live in a mess. It just isn't right ;)

Michelle said...

Not that you need reminding of that! lol - everything else may go but NOT the stash!
This decluttering will give your creative urges more space (mentally and physically) and so can only be a good thing !
My David has night terrors - he dreams about being married to me - only prob is when he wakes up he realizes the nightmare is a reality!!lol