Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

I have finally finished the second sleeve with the teflon-coated diamond pattern (which is why it kept slipping from my brain, obviously!). I can safely say it has taken me longer to knit the sleeves than to knit the entire rest of the cardigan, and probably to sew it up too. The latter process is under way but as I have no buttons the damn thing is not due for completion today.

It is a beautiful day today. The Female Parental Unit and I went for a small jaunt to Sanquher on the bus. I saw my first lamb of the season, skipping next to its mum and dead twin (alas), a pheasant and two grouse, one of which seemed to be racing the bus. Grouse are too cute, especially when they run and their little red caps bob up and down.

Mum wanted to show me the stock of yarn now in the Co-Op. While rooting through some King Cole Monte Carlo I discovered Regia lurking at the back of the shelf, in 6-fadig & 4-fadig, in several colourways each. I was pretty gobsmacked and had to explain to Mum that it had taken me two years to find some Regia in the flesh for groping and then purchasing, so finding it in a country Co-Op was exciting. There was also some Patons Festival, which was new to me. It felt lovely and soft, and the changing colours and textures were very exciting. It must be mine!!! Dunno what I'd make with it but I neeeeed it, really I do.

The Co-Op also had some King Cole Sprinkles along with a Sprinkles pattern for a teddy and a cushion, which I got, but they didn't have the yarn in the Lychees colourway which is what I have my heart set on. Never mind, plenty more yarn shops to explore.

Speaking of which, I bought a copy of Simply Knitting this week and used it to make a list of woolly web addresses. There were sixty in total, most of which were new to me. Sixty! Dave reckons his chances of getting a shot on my PC are now drastically reduced but there's no saying that all of them are shops which need my considered attention.


nanatoo said...

Erm, we're supposed to believe that Sanquher is a real place name? ;) Sounds like a lovely yarny trip. You can see how soft the Festival is. 60 shops? 60? I'm afeared for you girly.

nanatoo said...

Forgot to say thank goodness cardi is done ..... and have a look at this

Lindsey said...

OK, so I spelled it wrong - Sanquhar (Sanker). Not only is it a real place, it has its own knitting pattern.

nanatoo said...

Well, I wouldn't have known it was spelled wrong. That's fascinating. You learn something new every day!

Dee said...

At risk of angering Dave, can I make it 61?!

BabyLongLegs said...

Sounds like you had a fab time, Lindsey! I love trips out in the country...but having yarn thrown in is always an added bonus :o)
Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog, and your touching sentiment about my Grandma.
'Tis much appreciated.
Happy Knitting
Sarah xXx