Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I went out today to treasure hunt i.e. poke around in a charity shop or two in search of interesting books or maybe even some yarn. The two charity shops I visited didn't have anything I would class as treasure, though I did buy a little teddy to dress.

So I went into the little shop next door to Oxfam which sells some yarn, some haberdashery and dance clothes. It had yarn I hadn't seen before, including Sprinkles, Elle Heathermix and various spot & striping baby yarns. After much dithering I succumbed to two balls of James C Brett Rio.
I bought some Rio last year in the purples colourway (or as I call it, The Most Beautiful Yarn in the World. Despite this plunder I was still disappointed so moved on to the Recycling Centre.

This is a warehouse full of stuff - it's like a giant ongoing jumble sale with amazing things. The last time I visited it had a glut of organs, today it had a glut of pianos. Most of the space is given over to donated furniture with a small section turned into a bric a brac shop with some adjacent bookcases full of randomly shelved books. I've have got some great buys from the Recycling Centre in the past including much wool, a bag of roving (of course I don't spin), my lovely sofa, several bookcases and my footstool.

Today I got this treasure for the princely sum of £1. The white ball is Peter Pan3 plyy, the tan is nameless DK and the two cones are James C Brett, both 4 ply. The Pastelle cone is unused, 340g. The photo doesn't do justice to its shades, which are white, several shades of grey, black and a dusky pink. The pink one is called Shimmer and has a slightly fluffy lurex type thread running through which is a bit darker. I bought another footstool as well, this one opens up and I thought it would be handy to have a bit of extra storage in the living room. Plus David keeps monopolising the footstool I already have.

Despite the fact I was already carrying Too Much, I went into Poundstretcher as part of my ongoing campaign searching out suitable stash storage boxes. Again, there was dithering over which size to get, but I plumped for the one which would hold the stuff I'd already bought. Cunning, eh? Considering I was getting the bus home. There were also plastic, lidded CD storage boxes about 18 inches long which looked ideal for storing knitting needles; one of them came home with me as well. I did resist the Penguin with the Chocolate Poo, though. There are already Too Many Penguins residing in this flat.

I haven't made a very good job of arranging this post & its pictures, just too tired to fiddle around with it.


nanatoo said...

A good day :)

I don't like the name 'Sprinkles', it's just not right.

I've only heard good about the James C. Brett yarns. Veeerrry soft apparently.

It's all very well buying more stash boxes ... but what about when there's no more room left to store another box? It's a problem.

Lindsey said...

It's all very well buying more stash boxes ... but what about when there's no more room left to store another box?

Move house? Turn stash boxes into furniture? Downsize to a single bed? Get a smaller boyfriend? Get rid of other collections (e.g. comics)?

Or knit faster. Definitely - knit faster!

nanatoo said...

Well, I don't have room for any more boxes either. I'd love a smaller boyfriend ... but what would the husband say??? :P

You know very well if you knit faster you'll just have an excuse to buy more ;)

Anonymous said...

Another good tip is stop having friends who randomly drop by with more wool/patterns/etc :)


Michelle said...

Thank goodness I don't live near you - I'd be pig-sick because of all the bargains I would have missed out on 'cos you got in there first! lol
I'm still smiling at the thought of a wool coated, broadband speed man who just wants a cuddle!!

Lindsey said...

I was trying to tempt Dave over to me last night. Unfortunately, the line, "I'm made out of wargaming minatures" doesn't work as well. It was unnecessary anyway, because the word "cuddle" causes Dave to break the sound barrier.

Desperate Mousewife said...

How could you resist a penguin? Is there such a thing as too many penguins? I don't think so! (says she who is giving her nearly grown-up daughter a penguin holding easter egg jelly beans tomorrow)