Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Accidents will happen

Yesterday I visited the revolving charity shop down the round, with Dave in tow. I discovered a pile of Bond knitting pattern booklets, an intarsia carriage and another box with various Bond bits & pieces (row counter, weights, etc) in it. Cue excitement, as I've always been outbid in my eBay attempts to get an intarsia booklet. The bloke charged me four quid, and there were twelve pattern booklets which I will probably end up selling on eBay as a lot of the things aren't to my taste.

Anyway the shop was really busy yesterday so I peered in the window this morning and noticed a notice saying "Craft Books". Obviously, I was right there on my way home again to investigate this pile of craft books. Unfortunately, they were sewing & dressmaking books, so I only picked up one called Making Samplers (in an earlier edition than this). While poking around the bricabrac I spotted a long brown box with some familiar looking plastic poking out of it.

Now I had commented to Dave yesterday that it was odd to find all these bits for a knitting machine without the actual knitting machine being in evidence.

Can you guess what was lurking in the corner? Yup, a Bond Classic Plus, so fitted with the thirty needle extension kit and with the short hem & rods. The hair stood up on the back on my neck but I decided to be casual when I approached the staff. I was prepared to haggle because these were all different people from my last visit. My approach would be simple - the knitting machine was incomplete, so should be marked down in price. Me bad? Mebbe. Anyway, I was quoted the princely sum of a fiver, and I said "Done!" and the bloke threw in the book for nothing. I think they were glad to be rid of the machine, perhaps they had noticed it was denuded of parts and thought they were 'doing' me, instead of me 'doing' them.

Now I have to go look at online knitting shops, but it's not for me, it's for a friend who wants me to order something for her. Honest guv, would I lie to you?


nanatoo said...

OMG that's funny. Well done on your purchase.

Lindsey said...

Dave still needs to be persuaded. His reaction deserves a post of its very own.