Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm glad that's over

It seems that my current eBay craze is winding down. Wot a relief! It happens every so often that I have this mad fit for buying stuff because IT MUST BE MINE and then it wears off and I sit around contemplating the damage. This time it was triggered by the List and mithering over what I was going to make.

For a few moments this morning I thought that the craze was reviving, but it was just a false alarm. I think buying a third knitting machine has satisfied my shopping need for now.

It tends to be an eBay craze because shopping in RL often leaves me feeling ill, anxious and upset, which takes the fun out of a lot of purchases. Plus, there aren't that many places which can satisfy my need for old knitting & crochet patterns within a comfortable distance from my home.

And I've just saved myself. A Craft Group member asked me to order something online for her. While there I ordered a Sirdar Loopa as well, taking advantage of the free postage my friend's item was earning. My original intention had been to try the local knitting shops first, and we all know that once in a knitting shop it was unlikely I would leave without buying more than just the Loopa. Plus, it saves me at least the same again amount of money in bus fare. But more importantly, if I went to a shop and bought things I didn't need just because I got over-excited, I would feel horrible afterwards.

I am in favour of supporting the LYS but not at the expense of my mental well-being. So there! *sticks out tongue*


nanatoo said...

Good on you girl, you know I'm all for looking after yourself.

Lindsey said...

And the parcel arrived this morning! How's that for speedy delivery!

nanatoo said...

We like that :D

Desperate Mousewife said...

Ebay gets me that way too. When you've got "the fever" there's just nothing for it, you gotta have it! Shopping IRL is just too horrible for words. Though I make myself do it for therapeutic purposes.