Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today when I arrived at Craft Group I was handed a yellow document wallet with "Crochet Patterns" written on the front. I bounced for a few moments, because this wallet has been promised to me for some time. It contained 59 patterns, mostly vintage doily patterns, then baby patterns, a few hat patterns and some random adult patterns for sleeveless tops. The hat patterns were all vintage P & B from the Sixties and pretty mental. Some of the doily pattern books are American and date from 1949 & 1950. One of them has crochet & tatting patterns including collars & cuffs. When it's daylight I'll try taking pictures of the hat patterns because I have to share their vintage wackiness. It's times like this when I think a scanner might be useful.

My brain was working even less well than usual, which meant that I guided David (who gets bus sick) onto the wrong circular. However, it meant that he got a look in Toys R Us and we investigated the giant Tescos where I was slightly naughty AND very good.

The slightly naughty was buying a toffee sundae thing and a little box divided into sections which I thought would be useful for beads & buttons. The good part came from buying plastic chests in which to store my yarn.

They are kids' toy chests and because the line has been discontinued they cost £3.98 rather than £5.97. I got four of them because, well, I have a lot of yarn. David was pretending that I had bought these as an excuse to buy more yarn to fill them, and was 'surprised' when I informed him (huffily) that they were for yarn I already have. I haven't filled one yet so I'm not sure how much yarn they will actually hold. I don't know if they will be enough for my stash or if I'll have to get more. The lids are pretty clever - there are clasp/hinges on each side which lock and mean that the lid can be opened either way.

This is because if David actually moves in he wants a room of his own which means no more Wool Room, which means I have to be much more organised with my stash. The stair cupboard is going to become the Wool Cave & hopefully my craft shelf unit will fit in there as well. He wouldn't be moving in until July (if he does) but I have so much stuff I need to get started early on organising it all, because the only system I have currently is of the random kind, and with my low boredom threshold for this class of work, I need to plan for doing it in fits and starts.

Also I have a sudden need for wallpaper paste NOW. It's because of the papier mache we've been doing at Craft Group (my shelf unit isn't finished yet cos I had to leave early today). I ate my toffee sundae and while fidgeting with the pot decided that if I covered the outside of it and lid with papier mache as we have been doing with the shelves, I could make a very attractive, matching container. In fact, I could make several to keep paper clips etc. in. In fact, given how much we've enjoyed the last two sessions, we could turn all kinds of plastic pots into decorated items for our next sale. Unfortunately, while I might be able to buy wallpaper paste in the middle of the night in Dundee, I can't get to any of the 24 hour shops without spending a tenner or more on taxis, which seems excessive.

D'oh! I've just remembered that I had meant to print out some of my hat patterns to get the other crocheter in the Craft Group to test them for me.

I am in such a waffling on mood tonight, I could ramble on for hours about the various ideas bouncing around in my bonebox. I'd better run away before my fingers run away with me.

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