Friday, February 24, 2006

Some Encouraging News

I went to the doctors today to find out the results of the tests I had done at the hospital last month. The abnormal levels of whatever in my blood have dropped and if they continue to drop I won't have to have a biopsy in the summer. I may not have lost the masses of weight the doctors recommended but I must be doing something right. Or it could be that the ALF results were nothing to do with my weight at all, as that was just an educated guess sort of diagnosis because the scans showed my internal organs as being perfectly healthy. Who knows? Who cares? The novelty of being a Medical Mystery wore off years ago and as long as I don't have to have honking great needles stuck into me innards, I'm happy enough.

Yesterday at Craft Group I made a small shelf unit out of cardboard and covered it with papier mache. It was a pretty successful attempt. I was only slightly sticky afterwards, didn't get wallpaper paste over my clothes, didn't stick anything that wasn't supposed to be be stuck, and I wasn't the last one to finish in the group. Next Wednesday we shall be decorating our shelves with paint or decoupage or some such. I shall probably get painty because that it was usually happens when we paint anything. I caused discreet female hilarity by taking in a print-out of the Tit Bits pattern for a member who uses such things. We had to be discreet because we have a male in the group who isn't up to such discussions. I had mentioned the existence of the pattern last week and they didn't believe me. After the edible thong pattern incident, you'd think they'd know better.

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Minnieknits said...

Hey, I'm still about, keeping up with my fav blogs!
Golly, you're educating me too! I knew about tit bits but not the edible panties - off to Woolies as I type to get my bag of shoe laces!! lol
Join the club re medical mysteries! Had a scan in jan - most organs looked good but they could not see my pancreas because (wait for it!) excess bowel gas !! How embarrassed was I?? - Its ok Doc , I can put up with the daily discomfort, just no more embarrassing tests please?
I'm hoping the shelf unit will be showcased here when its finished!