Thursday, March 02, 2006

Paper & Paste

After my nocturnal blethering about wallpaper paste & reusing plastic pots, I sat down this afternoon and started transforming a small box instead. I hate throwing away little useful boxes but they're never very attractive so I don't use them. I had gone upstairs to get some bits I needed and spied the box that had contained my mobile phone. It had seemed to be a handy size so I had stored it away with my craft things.

Anyway, with the addition of wallpaper paste and torn up bits of the old phone directory, it now looks like this.

I'll move onto the next stage when it has dried out a bit, which also gives me a bit of time to decide how I'm going to finish it off. I was thinking of a layer of black tissue paper and then maybe rhinestones on the lid with some random applications of glitter. I have more ideas than I have boxes to decorate. I have various different kinds of paper and a myriad of shiny things I could stick on.

I think this is going to be my next craze. I find the whole process very soothing. The paper & paste really does strengthen the cardboard amazingly, so I'm going to muck around with a flimsier box next, like a Christmas card box, to see what the results are. The Craft Group may come to regret getting me started on this papier mache lark.

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p said...

y'know, that's a really good plan, I have shed loads of 'useful' boxes hanging around looking distinctly unglamorous (just begging for rhinestones!)