Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sad & Happy

I had a lovely time today, meeting up with friends and their children for a long lunch and silliness. Jakob got to meet Baby Sordid for the first time and Mrs Sordid thrust the infant into his arms. She only took one picture of him with child but I am a much meaner person and took several. One of them is rotten so I won't blog it, but applications in person to view the picture will be considered ;D

After his initial terror, Jakob got to grips with the whole cooing and aahing business with immense aplomb. Of course, the things he was cooing at the baby weren't the usual "coochy coo" comments but bizarro logic stuff.

The sad part came on the bus back to town. I don't know why, probably because it was so lovely to see everybody, and so sad to say goodbye. David is away for the weekend as well, so I shall have to sort myself out without any help.

It is cold tonight. I'm going to snuggle up under a blankie on the sofa and practising Norwegian Purling. I'm usually a 'thrower' but I ' pick' as well. Unfortunately my purl 'picking' is terrible, and having read various articles, etc extolling the Norwegian method, I'm going to have a proper shot at that. I want to feel confident in both ways so I can alternate and rest my hands when they get too painful. That's one of the reasons I will abandon a knitting project for crochet or vice versa - my hands get too sore and I can feel them start to swell. Changing activities actually reduces the pain somewhat and stops my fingers stiffening up completely. I don't want my hands to get to the stage again where I couldn't even hold a pen never mind knit, which means plenty of regular exercie for my fingers.

Um, a bit tangential, that last bit. Anyway, I reckon by the time I've done a garter stitch scarf in Norwegian purl it will feel natural.

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Doctor Sordid said...

It was lovely to see you and the Kraut on Sat'day, and, yes, we shall have to do it again soon - although if anyone brings Shadowfist cards with them, there may be bloodshed... No-one will believe that is a picture of the Kraut though - no coca cola?!?