Monday, February 13, 2006

Wackiness In Progress

It's a bee hat in progress, adult sized of course. Well, half a bee, really, because there isn't going to be a bee head or bee wings. The 'stinger' isn't lop sided in life, and if David stops pretending it's obscene & doing obscene things with it, the stinger probably won't need any stuffing to keep it pointing up. Unlike many other things, the more David plays with the stinger, the floppier it gets. Ho hum.

Last night I had twice as much hat but I decided that it was too big and frogged it as far as the last increase. I've actually been writing down the pattern for this, suffering from the delusion that other people might want their own crocheted bee hat. I've been thinking about how I would knit one, and decided that crochet is definitely the way to go.

A knitted stinger would have to be stuffed while the crochet one probably won't have to be. Starting at the stinger and working down is the easiest way to get a good fit but I don't like knitted increases as much as I like knitted decreases. On the other hand, quaker rib would give a good textural effect.

There has been a certain amount of angst over the stripe proportions. David googled bee stripes for me and came to the conclusion that there is no single set of bee stripes, all bees are differently striped. I just don't want any confusion with wasps, though the over-exaggeration of the stinger might lead people to believe that I've got a wasp on my head. Waspish as I often am, I wouldn't wear one. Anyway, when finished the hat is getting a good going over with a teasel brush to make it fluffy and more bee like.

Some of you may be wondering why I'm blogging instead of being at university. Well, I slept in by three hours despite my raucous alarm clock and I feel too rough to spend the afternoon traipsing around looking at buildings. So boo to you. I don't intend to slack off all day; there is a bag of washing staring evilly at me from across the room. The only way to purge such evil is to shove it in a washing machine with Exorcism Powder (or Liqui-tabs, your preference) and let it be rinsed clean in the water of soapy cleanliness.

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