Friday, February 10, 2006

Out of hiding

I re-started my college course last month. This will be my third attempt at this semester. Previous attempts were aborted because of poor health. It means that I will usually miss my craft group meetings, which I am unhappy about, because I do enjoy them a great deal. It also means that I spend at least half of the week too tired to switch on the PC, and when I do, I feel guilty if I'm not doing 'work'.

I've been having a bit of a fibro flare-up this week though, so I wasn't up to classes. I knew from past experience I'd be exhausted by the time I made to the college. I was feeling a bit low, so made the effort to go to Craft Group which is only a few hundred yards away, instead of the other side of the city. I made a fabric covered picture frame. It isn't completely finished because I need to add some beads or such like to cover up the mistakes I made.

My knitting & crochet has been a bit random, because it depends so much on what my moods are. I took pictures today of one hat, and I have another couple of hats & another curly-whirly scarf to photograph.

So much for my plan to keep a record of the things I've made by taking pictures of them! Some of the FOs I can catch later because they were things I made for mum. A couple are now living with new people far away so are unlikely to be within range of my camera again.

As Thursday now seems to be a Rest Day, perhaps I should designate Friday as Blogs Day, so I can read what other people are doing and witter on about I'm making.

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