Monday, February 20, 2006

Back at college

Today we learned about the rehabilitation of Madrid's historic city centre and about how interpretation of heritage sites is no longer optional but essential. I didn't spend any time in the library drooling over books.

I don't have to go to the Wednesday morning class so you know what that means - CRAFT GROUP. We're making frames using a technique I don't know how to spell because I'm not sure what it is actually called - maroc or mudrock or something starting with a 'm' and ending in 'ock'. It uses fabric which gets stuff done to it to make it hard. I think. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me so I can google a bit first in a (no doubt) futile attempt to hide my ignorance.

This is a picture of the students' union reflecting Dr Sordid's old home in Airlie Place. And that's my old home, Belmont Tower, in the background but we can't see my window. Shame, eh?

I braved the Knitted Textiles Room today. I just marched in and asked someone to show me how they cast on their Knitmaster machines. They all use the E-wrap method. Now, why didn't I think of that at weekend when I was losing the will to knit? And the students admired my curly whirly scarf.

Last night I started knitting a hat in the cursed cream Aran with stripes of Elle Plume. I like the way it's turning out, and I might even make a matching scarf. I lost track a bit with the decrease rows (poor brain get misfiring) so the shaping might not turn out as I'm picturing in my head. I suppose there might be something to be said for planning these things out beforehand instead of just peering at the fabric and muttering "That looks about right".

I have a two hour lecture at 9, and a two hour lecture at 11. Time for bed, said Zebedee.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lyndsey
Quick one. Supposed to be working.
I think you’re talking about ‘modrock’
It’s a gauze that has plaster of paris impregnated into it.
You soak it in warm water for a few seconds and it becomes
workable. They used to use it for broken legs, arms etc.
before the days of fibreglass.
Great stuff to work with. Have fun.
Lynda M.