Friday, November 25, 2005

Feeling Smart

I have taken some pictures which are actually a reasonable representation of the objects. Now, if I can manage to take more pictures which work I might believe that I'm finally getting the hang of the camera. The only good experiment is a repeatable experiment. The black curly whirlies are finished, so I'm feeling good about myself. Last night I frogged the unfinished purple CW and started it again in the shorter length which I feel is more appropriate for the craft sale, i.e. it takes a lot less time to make.

I've already posted pictures today to the Curly Whirly blog but I want to show off even more.

Pile of creme-eggy goodness followed by fuzzy metallic caterpillar.

Today I have also got round to adding a couple of links. It is so difficult deciding what links to put in. I could list all the blogs I read and all the sites I look at regularly. There are patterns that are on my To-Do list but which I will probably never get round to because the list reached mythical proportions some years ago. I have linked to Prudence Mapstone's site because I never get tired of looking at the pictures there. The AntiCraft link is there because that site appeals to me in many different ways - "You're going to die anyway, so why not knit?"

After reading recent threads about DIY dyeing, I keep thinking "I'm going to knit anyway, so why not dye?"

I'm going into the Wool Room now, I may be some time. A search party (Dave, attached to the outside of the Wool Room with a safety line) may be necessary if I don't reappear within three or four hours. It's woolly in there, and very exciting. There will be probably be treasure.

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Mary-Lou said...

This, um, Wool Room - does it have a sign on the wall which says 'XYZZY'? or balls of wool as big as Ostrich eggs (on the basis that a ball of wool is already at least as large as a plover's egg - ;)