Monday, November 28, 2005


I did mean to make flower brooches. I even spent ninety minutes trying out flower patterns but I was frustrated by the results sooo...

I made another curly whirly.

That was on Saturday. Yesterday I started - guess what? Another CW. I wanted to experiment with stripes, you see. It was all in the interest of science.

Making the pink curly whirly reminded me of the loopy scarf I made with the same yarn (Jazzy, by Tawny, if anyone's interested). I therefore dug the loopy one out of the bedroom so I could take pictures of it. I do like this scarf. I knitted during Summer 2004. I mean to make another one, but more narrow. The loop stitch makes the fabric fairly bulletproof and very cosy.

Have I mentioned I love this yarn? It came in 250g blobs. I've made scarves, gloves, a shawl, a wrap, a hat and a balaclava* with this stuff. It is fuzzy and warm, and I like the way it stripes while still retaining its essential PINKNESS.

Anyway, the amazing PINKNESS reminded me of the War Pixie hat, languishing by the front door. I made this a couple of years ago because a newbie crocheter on Livejournal was trying to find a pattern for a stocking cap. My mother hates the War Pixe and refers to it as That Hat. I think she is disconcerted by my habit of waving at people with the tassel.

*Yes, a bright pink balaclava. It has a kind of widow's peak front. You will all be jealous when the cold weather comes and blizzards rage, and I remain cosy & visible at great distances. Maybe I should photograph the balaclava as well.

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