Monday, October 31, 2005

See me, see addiction

Okay, I was making a dash into town today to sort out a problem with a standing order. I was very stressed and anxious, because this was my Council Tax and I had had a stern letter. I was three-quarters of the way down the hill when a thought popped into my head - "I wonder if I'll have time to go to the wool shop and see if they've got any blue that matches my curly-whirly scarf. Maybe I should go there first." Sometimes I am strange.

Anyway, turned out that there wasn't a problem with the standing order, and as the Revenues Division has a well-deserved reputuation for being crap, problem is dealt with from my end. I just have to tell them that they are being crap again. However, I didn't go to the wool shop because David needed to rush.

Stress induced headache has limited my productivity today but I have made progress on my scarf. I was examining it earlier and I'm pretty sure that I have some DK in either a matching blue or red. This means a trip into the Wool Room, a place of terrifying chaos that makes grown men scream (well, David, anyway). It isn't just wool, I hastened to add. The room is also home to most of my books, a trapped exercise bike (surrounded by a wall of wool) and various other recreational items. There are also stealth penguins. I'm pretty sure that the penguins are breeding in there.

While coddling my sore head, plans for Curly Whirly Number Three popped into my brain. Given that I'm not sure how much I have to do for Number One to get the intended effect, this is reckless. In fact, I might do Number Three before Number Two and as Number Two was supposed to be Number One, it could all get very silly and complicated. I would say that madness would ensue, but hey! That's already happened.

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