Monday, October 01, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Not only is my living room sunny today, but I know where my camera is, and the batteries were fully charged! This means - pictures!!!

First off, sticky cake goodness. Looks yummy, but not as yummy as it tasted!

Next, my two current active WIPs. The top one is the Liliana Pineapple Jacket, worked in Patons Spritz, in Silver. The main body is just basic V-stitch so I'm dashing through this at a reasonably quick pace. I actually started this last Tuesday night (about 3 a.m.) but I decided on Friday that I wasn't happy with the drape, ripped out it and started again with a bigger hook. It's turning out much better this time and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I am a little concerned about the weight, and wondering if it's going to sag drastically, but if it does, Frogging is My Friend.

This is the Flared Smoke Ring, which I started at the beginning of September. It's having a bit of rest because I'm obsessing over Liliana. I only need to do about another four or five inches but I'm in a crochet mood, not a knitting one. I did think that I would do a bit of each every day, but that was just a sop so that I could break my word to myself to not start Liliana until I had finished the Smoke Ring. The yarn I'm using is laceweight from Handpainted Yarns. I love the way the colours are working up in the spiralling stripes, and it is like knitting with warm air. Yum yum yum.

These bottom two pictures are of loot from a knitty friend. She knitted the face cloths and I promise you, the stitches aren't wobbly looking in real life - that's just my shoddy photography.

I've decided to try blogging regularly again, mainly because it helps me remember what I've been making. I feel like I haven't produced anything for years, but actually I have, just haven't put them into long term memory, i.e. blogged 'em. I'd been feeling very inadequate about the pictures I take, and had decided that either me or the camera or both of us were just plain rubbish. However, I managed to take some pretty good pictures last week Outside, so I started thinking that maybe it wasn't me or the camera, maybe it was the conditions in which I was trying to take the pictures. I shall just have to keep trying, and perhaps good blog pictures won't be a matter of a fluke.


Sara said...


Seahorse said...

Ok, I shall forgive the downright unfair torture of the cake pic! :p

Really loving the Smoke Ring. I have (ahem!) 'some' of that yarn from Handpainted and 'knitting with warm air' is such a fabulously sensuous description that I want to go and get some out right now!

Hmm, think I might know the secret id of the knitting friend ;)

Daisy said...

I love the colours in your yarn from Handpainted! And as for the cake, I'm going to have to go and get one for myself now!
I think your pics are fine - have you seen the ones of me on my blog with wonky shoulders?!

Anonymous said...

Your pineapple crochet looks grand and I LOVE the smoke ring. I cast on and promptly frogged - too much concentrating. That's on the list though.
Good to see you blogging.
your knitting friend

dreamcatcher said...

Very pretty lace, love the colours in the HPY laceweight. What a fab photo of the cake too :-D