Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mega SEX!

This is the most yarn I've ever bought in one go. That's ten 500g packets. Including delivery, the yarn cost approximately 29p a ball. There are one hundred 50g balls. There are forty balls of Sirdar Frenzy and sixty of Sirdar Salsa.

I am extremely excited. My sister is pole-axed by the news. See, I had told the Maternal Unit and Female Sibling Unit how much yarn I was expecting, and how little it had cost, along with it being forty-eight hour delivery. They were dubious, and were pretty sure that I must have got it wrong or misread something, because it was just not believable. I can't blame them; I barely believed it myself.

The Maternal Unit is currently away from her station. The Female Sibling Unit was, I think, a little put out to be proved wrong. She does not have the Knitting Gene which has turned myself and the Maternal Unit into such frenzied stash accumulators. I hope she waits until the Maternal Unit is sitting down before passing on the news.

I had assured myself that the delivery would be tomorrow, so when I entered the building and was pounced on by a concierge to take charge of my Very Big Box, I may have shrieked slightly. I'm not sure about that, but I do remember the concierges grinning at me, so I must have done something funny.

Anyway, the yarn is not all mine. Half of it is for the Maternal Unit, though there had been muted mumblings about maybe we should have a hundred balls each as it's such a bargain. Dave is largely reconciled to the arrival of the yarn because half is only resident temporarily. I think he's going to be pleasantly surprised by how little space it takes up.

In other news, I have completed the sleeve tube for Liliana, and have started on the central section. I tried the sleeve tube on at Craft Group, and was told by the group leader that it would look much better on her, so I let her put it her. It was too big, but she wants it anyway. I think she is now convinced that she must learn to crochet, after she failed to convince the other crocheting member to make a Liliana for her. Envy is such a marvellous incentive towards learning new skills, don't you think?


Mary-Lou said...

Sometimes you need that incentive, I think! Meanwhile, you appear to missed out an important detail ... where exactly did you score the bargain yarn?

Daisy said...

So how big exactly was the Very Big Box?!

dreamcatcher said...

Awesome, dude!

KnitYoga said...

Fantastic haul!