Friday, January 26, 2007

Winning Streak!!

This last week, I have had amazing luck on Ebay. I've snagged three pattern books I have wanted for years. Happy happy joy joy!

The first was the Dennis the Menace pattern book. I already had a Dennis and a Gnasher from a magazine pullout but I wanted Beryl the Peril and Desperate Dan, desperately. The bid came in well under budget, so I was pure chuffed.The Hanna-Barbera booklet also became mine for much less than the usual selling price. Anyone remember the name of those mice? My memory has failed me in this instance. It was Pebbles and Bam Bam I wanted here.
But the most spectacular win of all was this:

I've wanted this book for about four years, but every time I've bid, the price has rapidly gone out of my budget. My lust was recently intensified by Knittyinpink sharing some of pictures from the inside. My lust-o-meter bust its gasket when I saw the Action Man outfits. I am now extremely pleased to have got my own copy for under a fiver (inc. P&P). I can't stop wriggling with excitement. I paid for it about three minutes after the auction finished. It would have been sooner but Dave interrupted me. I wonder when the book will arrive? Not soon enough!! I'd better get some projects finished ASAP.

Fingers crossed, my luck continues for another few days as I have a bid in for another long-time lust object. I won't say what in case it jinxes my chances.


nanatoo said...

Pixie and Dixie of course :)

All of those patterns are great!

dreamcatcher said...

Fantastic, you got the Who book! I don't think w epaid too much more than that either, what a bargain. Expect knitted K9 v v soon :-D

nanatoo said...

Have you seen this?

Mary-Lou said...

I'll go with Nanatoo on this one and say Pixie & Dixie

acrylik said...

Oh yes, I want to see a knitted K9 soon.

Rain said...

They look fantastic. I love Dennis the Menace when I was little.