Monday, January 29, 2007

What?! A Sewing WIP!!!

This is most (probably) of a knitting bag. Made by me. On my sewing machine. Scary biscuits. I even put the zip in by myself without help. I admit it, I am stunned. Perhaps even unable to parry...

Okay, as yet it has no top and no bottom, and they will require more skills that I do not have. The process involves putting bias binding round circles. Now, I haven't attached bias binding to anything before, and it seems that circles are more difficult than rectangular shapes. I didn't even know what bias binding was six months ago so this is going to be an exciting process with much "Aiee!" and "Ay Caramba!"

I have Googled for instructions. Jeanette did show me last week at Craft Group but I've forgotten. The information has been pushed out of my brain by the acquisition of knowledge about bobbins. (It transpires I only have only one bobbin which works in my sewing machine, which is partly why my stitching is in white instead of a matching camel colour. I'm not telling you the real reason but it might sound like frain bart.)

Using the sewing machine results in shrieking and other cries of distress which summon the Dave as fast as an ultra-cheap sale at HMV. Sometimes I put my foot down a tad too heavily on the pedal, the machine zooms off like some turbo charged monster (super fast for a 99 year old) and I shriek in fright, followed by realisation of what I've done and some insane cackling ensues. Then the whole process starts over again about three minutes later.

Obviously, at the moment I'm just putting off the evil moment when I have start pinning binding to fabric. I may need a bit of a rest first. Two or three years should do it.


nanatoo said...

Blimey, well done. Zip and all? Blimey.
That's the thing isn't it, the speed? If only it would wait. I can't do it.

Jammie Dodgers, now they're scary biscuits.

Rain said...

It sounds like you're having a fabulous time with the sewing machine. They can be scary things at times. Just remember you're not driving the getaway car for a bank robbery ;)