Thursday, October 05, 2006

Whinging Ahoy

The onset of Autumn is hitting me hard. Don't get me wrong, this is my favourite time of year, but it don't always agree with me.

I've been knitting We Call Them Pirates for (it feels like) months. I am four rows away from being finished, and it is not going to fit me. I'm going to check my tension again but fundamentally, it ain't going to squeeze on my head.

Option 1 - Finish the hat & give it to someone else.
Problem - While I'm happy with my knitting on this item, all things considered, it isn't of a quality I would want to give to someone as a present.
Problem - It's black & pink. I don't think I know anyone who it would fit and who would wear a black & pink hat.

Option 2 - Unravel and re-knit on bigger needles. The fabric is practically bullet-proof as is, so bigger needles won't be a problem.
Problem - I have been holding back on a couple of other things I want to make until I'd finished WCTP. Do I push these other projects back still further, or postpone WCTP and run the risk that I never again summon up the momentum to knit the hat?

Option 3 - as Option 2 but first knit those last four rows and photograph the hat just to prove I did actually finish it.
Problem - as Option 2, obviously.

Here's a couple of blurry pictures from when I was about halfway through.

I have enjoyed knitting this pattern but my low mood has infected the project. Still, I've now got the hang of knitting with a colour in each hand and got to use my jingly stitchmarkers. I also discovered a few days ago that I have managed to grok Norwegian purl as it just seemed to happen naturally without me thinking about it.

Now I want to knit socks but I haven't found a pattern that matches the pictures in my head. Hey, I'm an experienced knitter, I can make this shit up, no worries, if only I can decide exactly which picture I want to make first. So I might just knit a hat or two first. The usual...


Mary-Lou said...

bugger about the hat size, but brilliant about the one colour in each hand thing, and the Norwegian purl (both things I have yet to learn how to do ....)

Rain said...

What a pain over the size. Do you know any teen goth types you could give it to? I'd be tempted to make it again bigger. It looks fab in the black and pink.

nanatoo said...

It's smashing and I agree, a teen would love it if you could find one! Nothing wrong with black and pink, lots of us would wear that. I too would make it bigger. It doesn't matter if you don't do it *yet*. It's not eating anything and you'll do it eventually.
This time of year kills me, I know how you feel hon.