Friday, July 21, 2006

Return of the Penguin

I could write a huge long post about what I've been doing for the last three weeks but it would get tedious (for me, that is - I wouldn't presume to speak for any readers).

We managed to achieve an emptied wool room so Dave could move in. He's now been here for ten days, and it's not nearly as strange as we thought it was going to be.

I was without a working phone line for ten days. There has been no contact to explain why it took them so long to locate & rectify the problem. The company had my mobile number & email address. Their customer service is a bit poopy.

The arm is healing nicely now, after a small infection caused by the (non) dissolving stitches. The scar is currently a rather nice shade of purple. If I took my arm into B&Q, could they mix paint to match the scar?

I've done very little knitting, mainly because I don't know where it all is. The re-organisation wasn't, well, very organised and many of my possessions have ended up in random locations. This is very stressful for me and I've dealing with it by not dealing, in a very ostrich fashion. I have crocheted some random mutant things which was very relaxing.

My stash is now nearly all in the Wool Cupboard. It is in two stacks which are both taller than me (5'4.5). I have no hope of finding anything unless it's on the top of the stacks.

My current obsession is making stitch markers & row/round markers. This is a bit of a dodgy one, because I rarely use markers in my knitting as I can 'read' it quite easily most of the time. The round markers for crochet have been useful and caused the mutants, because I had to test which kind of clasp I preferred. I think therefore I shall try flogging some of the stitch markers on ebay.

I have been reading people's blogs but not commenting - I'm just not feeling chatty at the mo. I've also been hanging around on Craftster and CrAftermath. That's just to set Dave's mind at ease, because he worries when I ignore the internet and am not bothering to make anything.

Dave has finally managed to interest me in wargaming. Specifically, making scenery & buildings out of yoghurt pots and polystyrene. He has also nicknamed my Wool Cave the Cupboard of Shame and the Cupboard of Despair. He's over-reacting - I don't have that much stash.

Though I have gone from thinking that I have Enough Yarn to thinking that maybe I have Slightly Too Much Yarn but I have a plan, I just need a tall accomplice.


acrylik said...

Good to hear your scar is finally on the mend.

I know what you mean about ignoring things ostrich-style, I get that way sometimes and it does get in the way of creativity. Especially when I don't feel organised enough.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has bits of altered yoghurt pots, polystyrene and metal hanging about the house. The things my hubby has in his "bits box" (or "bits room" shall I call it) to make up various terrains could probably help package up most of the shelves of Morrisons and B&Q ;)

Anonymous said...

Tall accomplice standing by for orders ma'am.


Doctor Sordid said...

You're going to wrap the yarn around your tall accomplice, so it doesn't take up as much space in the cupboard, right? Don't forget to leave breathing holes, luv!

Lindsey said...

No no no. If the person-pole died, their decomp juices would spoil the yarn. Don't be silly.

Check out this website. This is what I want to do, but some of the things I want to 'tag' are too tall for me. I either get a tall person or I carry a set of steps around with me, and that's not very stealthy, is it?

Doctor Sordid said...

Too much stash.... surely not.. That's like saying that it's possible to own too many comics.. or have too many cross stitch patterns and that is clearly not the case. Hope you're feeling better
Mrs Sordid