Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hearts & Minds & Taste Buds too

A rainy day in Dundee City Centre, brightened up by the presence of an Irn Bru tank, and quite a few fit young men in tight fitting, damp t-shirts. It was absolutely teeming with rain but still rather warm. That's how dark it was at 11 a.m.

Flat re-organisation continues, as do my stitches. The nurses decided that the stitches needed to sit for a few more days yet, maybe they will be ready on Monday.

I've done very little crafting this week, even at Craft Group. I don't want to get into a project when there is so much to do in the flat. Eight days and counting to Dave-Day. His room to be isn't even half empty yet but his bed arrives on Monday, and on Tuesday we're off to get a carpet. Anyone know how to turn a cupboard into a TARDIS?

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nanatoo said...

Glad your murderous mood has passed. Poor jelly babies. Good luck with fitting Dave in :D Not having enough space does get to me, a lot.