Saturday, June 17, 2006

Gosh, is that the time?

I don't know where the last week has gone. I don't have much to show the time elapsed, though I have bought some crafty stuff (quel surprise!). I haven't been ill as such, just floppy and tired. I destroyed my bedroom on Monday morning (before 8 a.m. no less) by deciding to move my bed and replace the broken slat. Destroyed? How?

See, I had these piles of clean clothes waiting to be put in the wardrobe, along with the piles of books, knitting patterns, bags of finished & unfinished projects, yarn (of course) and various other types of Lindsey-clutter. If I had approached the bed moving in a systematic way, I could have completed the operation with little additional mess... Instead of which, I just started moving the bed and whatever stuff happened to be in way of the process at any particular moment just got shoved, pushed or chucked out of the way.

Bonus, I found two odd knitting needles whose siblings have been missing them for several months. I also found six little tissue packets (the pocket sized ones) in hiding under the bed. Now they had definitely been hiding, because under the bed was the second place I looked when I needed a new tissue. Either they hid themselves or Dave hid them. He has a dislike of used tissues, and what with me having a nose which drips mucus for nine or ten months of the year, there is never a great distance between me and a snot rag but Dave steals them constantly.

On Thursday, I'm off to the plastic surgeon. Not to have my face anti-gravitied, or have bum-fat injected in my lips or anything gross. Nope. I'm having a mole removed from my arm. This little sucker has not only moved about half a centimetre, it has also changed shape, becoming rectangular. Yes, rectangular. I scratched my arm on a protruding bolt last year, which left a scar almost touching the mole. I thought I'd been lucky not to cut the mole, but then the mole started moving and now it's covering the scar and taken on its shape. Freaky, huh? I think I'll also ask about the mole on my nose. I don't want it removed unless it becomes essential, because I think most of my nose would vanish too, it being a medium sized mole right on the tip. The scar after removal is supposed about two and a half times the size of the mole? That's most of the end of my nose. Maybe my arm will end up with a funky scar like I got from the last mole removal, which looks like the X-Men symbol, but not in shiny gold, obviously.
I bought some old records today because I want to make an earring holder, except to display buttons. That's what I think I'm going to do now.

Oh, and don't mention the bag lining. Never happened. Never was going to have happened.


nanatoo said...

Good luck with the mole.

blueadt said...

I've had a mole removed from my arm as it started bleeding & the scar is minimal.

Good luck

Doctor Sordid said...

Good luck to the mole!

Minnieknits said...

Do you get to keep the mole like a souvenir ?
Good luck with the surgery!