Friday, May 12, 2006

Proper Treasure!!!

I just popped into the jumble sale down the road this afternoon. I had bought most of their wool yesterday but went back to buy some dark green DK that I had dithered over. (In the middle of the night it occurred to me that it was the colour Dave said he wanted the pterodactyl made in.)

They had had some new things in since yesterday morning and so Dave ended up carrying home a sewing machine, which had cost £15. It's one of those ubiquitious black Singer machines. I had just been idly curious when I had opened up the case and thus amazed to discover the only sewing machine I actually know how to use with any ease. My mum had had one and I used to much around making amulet bags and dolls' clothes when I was a kid. Except this one has been electrified and mum's was totally manual.

As I was setting it up on the table the needle fell out and while I racked my brains and fiddled around, I couldn't remember how to get it back in. Well, that's what the internet is for so with some help from Google I went looking for instructions. The machine is so old it has a serial number than a model number but you can look up the serial numbers on the Singer website. I found out that my machine was made in the Kilbowie factory, Clydebank between January and June 1908.

This machine is older than my granny would be, if she weren't dead ;o

What was I saying the other day? That I needed a dirt cheap sewing machine that I knew how to use. Someone Up There likes me. Thank you Eris.

I phoned my mum and she was excited too. I phoned Dave (who is playing Weapons of the Gods tonight) and he was unmoved by the news and eager to hang up for once - something about being in the middle of a combat scene. Pooh!!

I have to go sew things now.


nanatoo said...

Sounds great :) Some folk collect sewing machines don't they? I had a nasty run-in with one once at school and haven't dared touch one since.

Desperate Mousewife said...

Oh fabby! Is it one with proper little spools like modern machines or those really annoying long thin ones that are a b*gger to wind? I love old black Singer machines they are beautiful, and they work so well. I have two singers (modern) and mum has one from the sixties, in a fetching turquoise shade. But my bestest sewing machine is definitely my computerised Elna which deos everything but make the tea, and probably would do that, if I programmed it right. Which reminds me, I have a prom dress to make (eeek!)