Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oops, again

I'd meant to go to bed two hours ago. Not quite sure what happened. Am pretty sure just bought 100 buttons off eBay. Penguin buttons.
Could argue that it had to be done but that would just be a Big Fat Lie, and generally strive towards honesty. Have just noticed that Penguin Button looks a bit evil and/or cross, so it will match the pop-up card I made on Tuesday.

WTF am I going to do with 100 penguin buttons? I could have bought a set of 20 but nooo, I decide that it works out cheaper to buy 100.

There is no end to my lunacy. I admit it.

One of lovely ladies at the Craft Group has given me a knitting machine table. She is grateful for the extra cupboard space and I'm grateful for a table I can use without Dave wanting me to put the machine away. He did express concern about where the table was going to live, but was reassured after I told him that it folded flat for easy storage. Little does he know the table will never be put into storage...

Well, until some point on Friday when he reads this.

I've started knitting another bag to felt. Told you there was no end to my lunacy. I gained useful advice at Craft Group on how to line bags. Tomorrow I will attempt this oh-so tricky procedure. Sewing & woodwork were the only two subjects I consistently failed at school. Have I mentioned I've got a fancy for making my own wooden buttons? Infinite lunacy. But someone has suggested a place which might sell my bags so maybe I'm not completely hatstand.

Back to the buttons. I remember seeing pictures of twigs which had been turned into toggles, and I reckon I could do that, especially now I have my mini craft drill, though I might need some kind of clamp to hold the twigs while I drill. I asked Dave if he wanted to go on a twig hunt and he did enquire further so I haven't completely killed his curiousity yet, though he did stop asking questions when I said that I wanted twigs and it would be a nice walk. I want twigs, we go get twigs, his not to reason why.

I'm not even sure how big the penguin buttons are. The listing did give a measurement but it has made no impact on my brain and I'm scared of going back to eBay to check. I'm feeling exceptionally weak willed just now.


nanatoo said...

Evil ebay penguins! Actually, that is a beautiful button and I think 100 is about right ;) Making your own buttons? You remind me of Silvia (fromthesheepsback) - your creativity knows no bounds. Twigs into toggles would be a splendid thing.

A gift of a knitting machine table is excellent news.

I tried to line my knitted bag and I'm so ashamed of it it didn't get photographed. I can't sew at all, so I hope you get on well with that.

dreamcatcher said...

I love the penguin buttons. Very Feathers McGraw.

Great idea re making your own buttons, and using twigs for toggles.

Desperate Mousewife said...

Gorgeous penguin buttons! The world need more penguin buttons, and one humdred is a perfectly reasonable quantity. (this from a mad person may be no recommendation, but whatevah!)