Friday, March 31, 2006

Increasing Frustration

I'm knitting a little cardie, see. I'm trying to knit the first gorram sleeve and I keep getting it wrong. It isn't a problem with the pattern; it's a problem with my brain. The pattern is a simple six stitch, six row repeat but I just keep screwing up adding the extra stitches in as I do the sleeve increases.

So I decided to draw up my own chart. Five attempts later I have something accurate but shabby. Brainwave! Why don't I do a version on the computer and print out? It seemed like a reasonable plan. I even enjoyed 'colouring in' the spreadsheet. I couldn't get the total number of stitches to fit on one page but that's fine because it's just the first & last repeats I need to worry about, and how the new stitches add on to them. I decide that I'll just print it out as a rectangle and then cut out the sleeve shape. That'll be easier and quicker than extra fiddling round 'uncolouring' sections. Still feeling fine. This is going to work so well, and I feel like a demi or even semi-genius.

Click the print button. Printer makes funny noises. Realise there is no paper in the printer. Pause print job. Run around room trying to remember where I had tidied the packet of paper away to. Rummage through pile of clutter lurking on table. Peer under table. Peer behind chair. No paper. Snarl in frustration. Contemplate phoning Dave to find out if he knows where the paper is, but realise it's now well after 2 a.m. so probably a Bad Plan. Cancel print job and console self by looking at French crochet & knitting sites and deciding it wouldn't be a huge amount of work to translate patterns into English. Or even to just get the hang of crocheting in French. It didn't take me to long to get the knack of crocheting in German, after all. Miss the narrow window of opportunity which I get for falling asleep, and so stay awake all night.

Then think, why not do a blog entry? While typing the previous paragraph suddenly remember where the paper is - on the shelf of the computer desk, about six inches away from my knees.

I'm going to bed now. Night Night, boys & girls.


Michelle said...

:-0)) (is that the right thingy for uncontrollable laughing!)
Yay - the girls back and she's on form too ! Good on ya honey!

nanatoo said...

Yes, life's like that sometimes isn't it? ;)

ambermoggie said...

isn't it usually the case that you spend all that time searching, stop and immediately find the item? We spent 2 days looking for a staple gun for DH to make rabbit pen for grandsons pets. Ended up borrowing one and today he went to find a catch for door and stapler was there. A place we had both looked several times
law of sod I believe:)