Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Comfort Crafting

It's a bit like comfort eating, I suppose.

I've been feeling fed up all day.

Anyway, I've made a baby Cupcake Hat. I fiddled with the pattern to make it work with DK & smaller needles. I couldn't be bothered digging out circs in the right size so I knitted it flat. I worked the whole of the top in 'icing' rather than having the crown in 'cake'. And I didn't make a pompom but crocheted a cherry which has been stuffed and sewn to the top. I'll take a picture in daylight, whenever we get proper daylight again in Dundee. It has been so dark the last couple of days, I have needed the light on all the time for working.

The cupcake hat willl go to the craft group sale. Hopefully it will be an attention grabber. I think I will make the viking hat as well, though I am toying with the thought of a cow pie baby hat. This is Dundee after all, home of Desperate Dan. Actually, an adult cow pie hat would definitely attract attention. I'm also considering the Slapstick Pie. I might fiddle with that so it becomes the Slapstick Pie Hat. I'm not sure if I have any pastry coloured wool, because I don't have that particular colour as a category in my memory banks. Who knew? Though I've discovered that I do have some raw chicken coloured wool. My random SEX habits do have some advantages.

I was thinking that if, instead of just selling these novelty items, we could have a raffle or tombola or something with these as prizes. Hopefully then we would make more money per item. I think that people tend to get more excited by the unusual and at this time of year they may reckon that a novelty hat would be a great jokey present for someone.

It may be 2.30 a.m. but it's time for me to go play with some sketches & draft patterns. I would like to have made a good start on this by Wednesday.

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