Saturday, December 03, 2005

Avoidance Post

I'm posting just now because I'm putting off going out. I want to go, but I don't want to go, and the icky weather isn't helping.

I decided yesterday that I will make Christmas presents for people, after I had thought I wouldn't bother this year. The list is three hats, three neckwarmers, two scarves and a set of earwarmers, plus David's present. The hats won't take me very long but I do have to buy the right yarn. Mum made a special request for a ribbed hat in furry yarn. The yarn shopping will have to wait until Tuesday. I'm going to make a birthday card for Dad (for the 18th) & I think I might try to make Christmas cards for some people.

I have most of two blankets (one knitted, one crocheted) sitting in bags. They just need to be sewn up. If I can get my arse in gear I could finish at least one of them and it could be a present for Dad. I think he would prefer the knitted one as it is garter stitch squares and he used to reminisce about the garter stitch square blanket his granny made for him when he was a kid. My squares are 12 by 12 inches though, done diagonally with two strands of DK on 9mm needles.

I'm taking my camera with me to the Christmas Fayre so I might post pictures later of our stall. Hopefully we'll get a good turn out despite the rain and raise a reasonable amount of money for our kitty. I will have to remember to take a picture of the spiral scarf before it gets sold. I had a look round some of the shops the other day and none of them had curly scarves like mine so I'm telling myself they'll sell like hot cakes, being so unusual.

Fingers crossed!

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