Thursday, November 03, 2005

Frogging Thoughts...

I haven't been yet to get more Creme Egg wool though I did buy some matching red today. I had to go into the city centre by myself today and it was a mistake. My anxiety levels were too high. David says he will take me to the Good Wool Shop tomorrow to buy more.

In the meantime, I started a curly whirly scarf in purple. This also may have been a mistake because now I want to frog the one I've nearly finished back at least two rows. If I had made it out on Wednesday I would have got some other opinions and maybe I wouldn't feeling dubious about it now.

I had intended to buy a digital camera today but managed to decide that it would be better to leave until next week when I will have had a chance to get some advice.

I went to buy some ribbon for the bonnet/mitts/bootees set I'm making. Okay, I've only made one bootee so far, and I haven't it sewn up, but I'm planning a bit ahead. Except, while I could remember how much ribbon I needed, I couldn't remember what width I needed. Well, I knew I needed narrow for the bootees & mitts, but I couldn't remember if the pattern said a different width for the bonnet. The narrow ribbon just didn't look right for a bonnet, but I felt sure the pattern didn't specify two different widths so maybe I was wrong in thinking that it was the narrow ribbon I needed. So I bought the right length in both kinds. And this shop is only ten minutes walk away, so it's not as if I couldn't go back. (See why it was a mistake to go out today? My brain was third-guessing itself.) No wonder I have so much random stash.

There are links all over at the moment to the knitted digestive system, but that talented person also devised this choker which I might actually make for myself. I think it would nice if it had a bit of shine to it, so it looks wet - beads maybe? Or perhaps a shiny filament worked with the wool. Okay, maybe a bit warped, but I've always been warped. Just ask my sister.

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