Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yet Another Blog

After some days of mental mutterings, I've decided that it would be a good idea for me to have a blog just for my crafting adventures. This are mostly yarn-based, but as a confirmed craft-slut I'll dally with any craft that looks exciting, especially if there is a chance I'll get sticky.

I love yarn. David, my bf, maintains that I buy wool just to leave it lying around, unused. That is not quite true. Not everything I buy gets used right away, and I get given a fair bit for my stash as well. However, even it is currently unused, my wool knows it is loved. For example, I often buy knitting & crochet stuff from charity shops. I always feel so sorry for the poor things, given away or orphaned (with no one in the family to take them over) - they must feel so unhappy and worthless. Well, once I've paid for them, these balls of wool, needles, hooks or patterns know they are loved. I bring them home to a warm, dry place where they will have lots of new friends and siblings to cuddle up with.

Today I had an outing to the Good Wool Shop (David came with me, for his first visit to this particular LYS). I had been feeling fed-up because of general poorliness and felt that a wool buying trip would be a good remedy. I don't go to this shop very often, because I get over-excited and buy wool for which I don't have an immediate use or idea, which is how come my stash has its own room.

Anyway, there was 4-ply in non-insipid colours so I pounced on a ball of scarlet and a ball of black. I have already have purple and a bright blue in my stash, along with bogstandard white and a pale lilac. Gosh! That means it is now worthwhile having a special place just for my 4-ply, because I wouldn't want the Aran to pick on it. I got some 4-ply baby patterns on Thursday, and I just couldn't face knitting them in anything pastel. I also bought a ball of soft purple DK and a ball of Cassio Baby Soft Multi-colour acrylic. The latter is so soft that when I touch it I just want to rub it all over my face.

As you can see from the (tiny) picture, it is royal blue, yellow and red, with quite a long colour repeat. I bought just one ball, in case I don't like it when it is worked up. I think that it would make a good centre for a crocheted Curly Whirly scarf, with the final ruffle done in either plain blue or red, I haven't decided yet. I would have stare at it for a while before choosing. I'm getting excited now and may have to dash off suddenly to start work.


Stuart Kerrigan said...

Another blog from folks I know.

Lindsey said...

Freaky Biscuits, Stu! How did you end up here?

Stuart Kerrigan said...

I read Dr. Sordid's blog - he reads mine, you read his, I read your comments and find your blog.

Er... sorry... by mysterious means only those with my amazing powers possess. :)

Lindsey said...

Aw, you had take all the magic out of it. Boo hoo!