Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've spent a large part of this afternoon absorbing Booshness. The following is just one of the many fine things my eyes have viewed this day, sir. It is a compelling and intellectually dark piece from Comic Relief. I hope your psyche can deal with the dark darkness within this clip.

Do not forget, sir, that Series 3 of the glorious brilliance that is the Mighty Boosh starts tonight on the televisualbox. Or if you are a fiend, sir, a veritable fiend, you may have already watched it on the BBC website. All I can say, sir, is Shame on You. Yes, Shame on You, sir! You have deserved to suffer in silence, swallowing back salty spoilers while your friends quiver in orgasmic anticipation. Yes, sir, ORGASMIC anticipation.

I have already completely covered my sofa in plastic sheeting for The Event, and fluid-proofed my knitting. No more need be said on that subject, sir.


dreamcatcher said...

Great clip, I stayed up to watch that on the night :-D

4.5 hours to go!

wickerwoman said...

Some of us HAD to watch it on the website as we don't have Freeview.