Friday, October 27, 2006

An Awfully Big Adventure

Tomorrow I'm going on an Expotition to a Faraway Place. There must be planning, and provisions, and emergency rendezvous procedures.

I'm going to the Hobbycrafts Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow. Please keep your fingers crossed, that the excitement of all the shiny things will keep at bay the anxiety caused by the huge number of people. I'm trying to not get too excited today otherwise I won't sleep. There'll have to be a bath filled with lavender to knock me out at bedtime.

I have to do my getting ready decision making this evening, like what I'm going to wear, what hairstyle I'm having, which yarn to take, what breakfast to have, because decision making in the morning will be hard.

Yes, that's right, I'm going to a show to buy yarn but I'm taking yarn with me. I'm spending two hours (probably) on a minibus to get there, I need something to occupy me, I mean two hours is a hat or a curly whirly and then there's the journey back too.

I've decided that if I get overwhelmed by all the people I'm going to head for the Knit & Natter Stand, run by Yvonne, because being surrounded by people holding pointy metal sticks is very calming LOL! I've charged my mobile with electricity & money for first time in several months, so I can contact other party members. It seems strange talking about party members and not meaning PCs and this will be a context in which splitting the party is a good choice, not a prelude to stabby stabby death or such like.

Why am I blogging instead of doing all that decision making stuff? Cos I'm working up to it, that's why. And cos Dave's not here to nag me. Also, having just located the right cable, I'm emptying my camera so I can post these.

The skulls are actually this colour. Once again, the pictures are blurry but I've worked out that it isn't the camera or my total lack of photographic skill, but my shaky hands which cause this, so you're just going to have to lump their out of focus nature.

I saw a bloke today wearing a hat with four big skulls on it. It was okay but would much better if the skulls were KNITTED rather than painted on. I think that I shall take this on as a future project.

I have a hat pattern to post here, a chunky, knit in an evening project. I just need to take a decent picture of it - the usual...


Rain said...

Have a fabulous time, it sounds like fun. It's good to know you can go for a sit down and chill out.

The hat looks fantastic, frogging it was definitely worth it. The colours look fab together.

nanatoo said...

Hope you're having a fantastic time and not stressing too much. Hat's great!

dreamcatcher said...

Love the hat, great colour combination! Good luck and have fun at the SECC :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay, a lot of the knitting technotalk registered as white noise but I hope you had a good trip and thanks for the office story now that I've had time to read it. It's hilariously believable.

Daisy said...

Hope it went OK and you enjoyed it too! (and got loads of knitting done!)

acrylik said...

Hope you had a great time at the SECC - I love working at that show - sadly we missed the deadline this year.

Looking forward to seeing your purchases!