Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling Better, thanks

First of all, thanks for the sympathy & good wishes. They cheered me up.

What also cheered me up was going into one of the £1 shops yesterday and discovering eyelash & 'plume' type yarn. The eyelash was only 'okay' so I only bought 2 balls, but I succumbed to five balls of 'plume' in royal blue. So much for my yarn diet, though I have been soooo good this year in using up much more than I've been buying. I would post pictures of the yummy blueness but I'm short of suitable surfaces to photo the yarn on.

Lindsey + Poorly = Much Clutter.

I've spent so much time looking at patterns & books that my head is buzzing with all the things I want to make. I'm trying to impose some order on this creative jambalaya and be systematic. The big event of my crafty year is the Flower Show in the village where my parents live. There are two Industrial Sections for knitting, crochet, and various other craft items. My mother being community spirited, I am under continuing orders to enter as many things as possible to help keep the show alive. Last September various other women added their instructions to my mum's after inspecting my twenty or so entries. It's more for the glory than the prize money, though there is a cup to be won by the person with the most Industrial points. I've decided to start early this year, instead of leaving it until July or August and then knitting in a frenzy to get things done. I've even stayed up all Friday night to get entries finished for the Saturday morning deadline.

There are twenty classes I want to enter, and two entries in each class are permitted. I am not putting in two entries in all twenty, but some will be easy to double up on, like bookmarks & greeting cards. Also, instead of the piecemeal approach of previous years, I am working my way down in the list in a methodical manner. I think I'll need to finish six items a month to get everything done which may or may not be possible. Cardmaking will take a couple of hours, but the Aran will be a couple of weeks, if I'm lucky.

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nanatoo said...

I have to have a lie down just thinking about all that work. Good luck and glad you're back :)