Thursday, December 08, 2005

Craft SEX

I bought a Christmas card kit yesterday. It has six cards, 12 mini cards, all the envelopes, silver cord & red ribbon, lots of sparkly bits plus shiny trees & snowflakes, a piece of cellophane & card strips.

It cost the amazing sum of £1. While on the one hand I think, "Hey, Poundland rocks!", I also think it's no wonder we couldn't sell our Christmas cards last weekend when there are deals like this available.

The next blurry picture is another example of Monkey See Monkey Want. D6 beads. Nicola bought me some dice beads many many years ago, which I used as hair beads. Now I have these tiny babies to play with. I'm thinking dice bag with these beads on the drawstring, or maybe worked into the fabric. All Hail Ebay! I couldn't have got these in Dundee. At least, in no shop I've visited recently.

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