Thursday, November 17, 2005

General Update Stuff

I may have been quiet, but doesn't mean I have stopped knitting. I've done knitted four face cloths, but actually only have two. I decided I didn't like the look of the first one so I undid it. It was also twice the size of the others. I like the second pattern I have been using much better. There aren't any wraps so the swirly effect is more noticeable, which I like. The second frogged face cloth had to die because I decided to alternate colours for the wedges. Obviously, this meant that to close the circle I needed seven wedges. Gotta love that Eris!

I'm forcing myself to finish stuff before starting new stuff. Very precise language, I know. The red & black baby mitts are done - sewn up, beribboned, in a little bag, in the finished stuff box.Today I'm going to finish off the matching booties. I had left the second one on the needle after the instep. Someone wanted me to show her how to pick up stitches without leaving holes and I was going to use the booty as demonstration material. However, I didn't get out of the house yesterday (for dull anxiety reasons) so the booty would have to sit around for another week. That's seems like a bad plan, especially as I'm going to be making more booties any way.

After some frogging & re-doing I'm now happy with my Creme Egg scarf. I would post pictures but the digital camera is defying me by pretending I haven't just put new batteries in it. I'm still musing on how I'm going to finish off Number Three, how I'm going to make Number Two and Number Four is currently dancing up and down saying "Make me first! Make me first!" Number Four would be donated to the Craft Club for our Christmas sale, I think. It's going be done in black sparkly DK with a black mohair final round. After all, I still have the vast quantities of black mohair I bought two years ago (at least).

Today I'm going to cast on for a garter stitch kitty, pattern courtesy of geobabe at livejournal. She has said I can use her pattern to make kitties for the Craft Club sale, which is in two weeks, so I had better get cracking. Or knitting. Whatever.

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acrylik said...

I'm intrigued by the Creme Egg scarf - can't wait to see pictures when you are able!