Friday, November 11, 2005

The first face cloth is away!

Well, having committed to knitting at least two face cloths before next Wednesday, I started one last night & finished this afternoon. It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be, and I think I will keep face/dish cloths in mind for future instant gratification fun. I admit, I have always been dubious about the value of such knitted items, but now I think that I might have to make one for me to actually try out on my face. It felt so good in the cotton, just right for getting a lovely clean face. If the one I make for myself is a success, I may make some as Christmas presents. Oh dear! What am I turning into? I'll be knitting toilet wipes next!!

I've got the hang of taking pictures with my camera, now I just have to the hang of taking good pictures. I took some yesterday but the red bits came out orange. I tried again today and managed to get some where the colours in the pictures look much the same as the actual objects.
So, this is the face cloth one and a half wedges from the end. The colour (which doesn't show to advantage) is silver. I used the cotton I bought from Lidl during the summer, which was £1.49 for three 50g balls. This cloth took about three-quarters of a ball. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, though I feel I could have made a better job of the wraps. I don't usually bother wrapping, because I don't usually get the holes when I short-row, but I decided it was time to get to grips with the whole concept. If the next couple of cloths are better, I might keep this one and donate the others. I'm trying not to commit myself to making another two before next Wednesday because Eris tends to object to me getting above myself like that.

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